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Say hello to the coolest peeps in the hood!
Justaway tagWelcome Michael L. Our new Graphics Designer! Interested in a new avatar or banner? Let him know
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Rabbit tag  Hellau
iKinG   I need a new logo, avatar, banner, revamp for twitter, website concept, and desktop wallpaper please
iKinG   Can I pay in Box Tops?
Spinnz tagtag  added 30 Advanced days to FroZen Sniper Clan
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LiQuid tag  thx boio ;'O
Justaway tag  added 14 Advanced days to FroZen Sniper Clan
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Spinnz tagtagBest stream 2016!
frozenL1QU1D - Twitch
Twitch is the world's leading video platform and community f...
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Rabbit tag  srs liquid qq xD
Red   Need to show more boobs and ass to become a professional streamer though!
Yuvalpre SAyy everyone let's wish Ramsy happy birthday!!! :d
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Sky   Ramsy happy birthday enjoy it and all the best for you :3
iKinG   Who's Ramsy?
Ramsy tagNot sure if Gundi checks the forum anymore, but happy birthday either way. :p
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Sky   Happy birthday and all the best for you Gundi :3
Gundi666 tag  Thx
Ramsy tagThe world grows more and more braindead with each passing day.
Link Description
Ramsy tagFroZen 2.0 logo, kek.
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LiQuid tag  lool thank god its a shit game ;D
LiQuid tag  added 30 Advanced days to FroZen Sniper Clan
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LiQuid tag  sorry bois, I was away for the weekend, didn't notice it was down :(
Sky Tryed myself at designing a wallpaper again and just finished. What do you guys think?
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iKinG   No problem!
iKinG   Was the FroZen text at the bottom made by you?
Sky   Nah i used the Blacksword font, can really recommend it :3
Ramsy tagAny chance we'll get a better forum (i.e. IPB) or at least see the current one rebranded (updated with the eSports name and logo and some other neat stuff)? Don't get me wrong, it's not that I dislike this one or feel like it doesn't fit the purpose, I'd just like something new and refreshing.
iKinG   Kind of pointless to put the time and or money into doing those things imo. Yeah the clan became more of a community of people who play together and that's it which gives the purpose of changing things but that's all the more reason not to change anything because it's a waste.
WastYo, I just wanted to share this with you guys.
I know you're not that much focused on call of duty but you could still give it a look ;)
WaveSniping - MultiCod Teamtage #18
OPEN~ Player: Editor: Wave Wast If you want to join Wave add...
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Castiel tag  Sick man!
Ramsy tagIs there a chance of me getting some sort of ban/cooldown or smth like that by using this site?
Steam Account Trading/Selling * /r/SteamAccountsForSale
This subreddit is regulated on a small scale, but the moderators are not responsible for any transactions, trades and sales that might go wrong. Unrelated topics will be deleted.
LiQuid tag  highly doubt it unless you hit up gabe with transaction details. I have 5 accounts and share a few of them often, so no one would know if I ask for money to play with em :p
Ramsy tagPresidency is really different in the US from what it was like before.
Hillary Clinton: Meme Queen 2016
Hillary Clinton is down with all the dankest memes -- just l...
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Sky   Whuuut...ahahahahahaha
Red   wow, thats so good! LOL!
Rabbit tag  2dank4me
iKinGJust finished making another quick portrait of my girlfriend. Tomorrow I'll be attempting to do one of myself to see if I can do male portraits for people.
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Sky   Turned out well again :)
iKinG   Added Color - [link]
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